Saturday, May 14, 2011


Wealthy parents hire hitmen to kidnap their suicidal, alcoholic, party boy son, David and dump him in a remote Maasai village in Africa. The village chief is charged to keep him alive but when an orphan, who David has befriended, is kidnapped by a warlord David attempts a suicide mission to get him back.


When a soil and plant nutritionist leaves his family at home to help the farmers in Mexico with their crops using his revolutionary organic fertilizer his wife must keep the family together at home. On almost no income she grows and sells produce, milks a cow, raises livestock, and sews clothes for her children. In Mexico the farmers increase their corn yields which attracts attention from the government and large companies. This brings the tall gringo a little fame and the elusive payday but the money is stolen and he is almost killed. He returns home broke and dejected but his family accepts him just as he is like the return of the prodigal son.


When WW III sends planet Earth into a nuclear winter the government and Men in Black must retract thirty years of cover-up and admit the truth to an aging astronaut that his alien encounter as a child was not a hoax in order to enlist him to find his alien friend to save planet Earth.

SWAPS- A True Story (Screenplay not completed)

Note: This story was originally slated for production with Gary Cooper and Mickey Rooney to star, Dalton Trumbo to write, and Martin Ritt attached to direct.

After a poor cowboy saves enough money he uses his brilliant horse sense gained from years of working on a ranch to buy a few bedraggled albeit genetically sound thoroughbreds from Kentucky. In time he saves enough money to buy a prized stallion from the Aga Khan in Ireland and with one of its lightning fast colts named Swaps he turns the racing world upside down. The media creates a story of epic proportions in preparation for the 1955 Kentucky Derby where the unsophisticated, unconventional cowboy from the west will compete against the wealthy, elite, east coast bluebloods in the run for the roses.


A coming-of-age story about a teenage boy trying to live a normal life on an Indian reservation while hiding his strange abnormality of being born with wings and a fear of heights.


When a high school football bench warmer is given increased speed and strength through a top secret exoskeleton that is hidden underneath his clothing he becomes an overnight football sensation, hometown celebrity, and most wanted man on campus. When he can't live without his new found power he must fight the addiction before it corrupts him and destroys everything he loves.


When a Wood-elf named Earl gets himself and three friends kicked out of the North Pole they must learn the ancient art of ninjutsu in order to give them the skills needed to redeem themselves and join the North Pole Secret Service.